Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Theresa May, you lost. Resign.

The bottom line; The British election system is a 'first past the post' system(We voted against proportional representation just a few years ago in 2011). A winning government must have 51% of the seats, the Tories don't. 58, yes 58% of voters voted against the Tories.
That is not a victory.
Resign and call a new election.
Do the right and decent thing. You have not won under the rules of our parliamentary system.
Resign resign resign.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

The end of the monarchy

Let us hope that this will be the speech Prince Charles will make at his 'coronation';

Richard II; "Ay, no; no, ay; for I must nothing be;
Therefore no no, for I resign to thee.
Now mark me, how I will undo myself;
I give this heavy weight from off my head
And this unwieldy sceptre from my hand,
The pride of kingly sway from out my heart;
With mine own tears I wash away my balm,
With mine own hands I give away my crown,
With mine own tongue deny my sacred state,
With mine own breath release all duty's rites:
All pomp and majesty I do forswear;
My manors, rents, revenues I forego;
My acts, decrees, and statutes I deny:
God pardon all oaths that are broke to me!
God keep all vows unbroke that swear to thee!
Make me, that nothing have, with nothing grieved,
And thou with all pleased, that hast all achieved!
Long mayst thou live in Richard's seat to sit,
And soon lie Richard in an earthly pit! "

(Richard II, William Shakespeare)

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The real meaning of patriotism.

Time for the fightback; What are British values? To care for those less able and less well off than you, to accept other peoples, to respect our neighbours at home and abroad and to offer assistance to those in need. To be honest and fair, not to lie or be boastful or nationalistic, to have a fair and open government that rules for the good of the people and with the tacit permission of the people. We don't hate, we are inherently a generous practical people who sometimes naively have shared our values and ideals with others in the hope that by example(and in the past through coercion, thankfully the past) others will follow. We have been free for a thousand years, we have not suffered slavery or oppression during that time, we have suffered but we were not owned and those inflicting great suffering did so in isolation and were soon stopped. We began the industrial Revolution, we began with labour laws that are today the norm. We have a proud history mostly but not completely guilt free. The time for hate has passed, the turmoil that is coming will teach us that hate only leads to sorrow, ask our neighbours, they have already been there.
After the dust has settled there is only one way forward and that is tolerance, respect, peace, love and cooperation with each other and the world regardless of colour or creed or anything else as long as we get the same respect back. The way to defeat hate is to lead by example, to shun those that espouse violence, hate and intolerance, not only from outside but also from within. Today, this year is not the end of the 'liberal' story, it is a lesson of what happens when you turn away from humanity and human values, there is only an empty shell remaining, an empty scary world for our children and grandchildren, but we are better than that, we are stronger than that. Forward we will march as a nation and as a planet. That is patriotism, the desire for a loving encompassing society and world.

Monday, December 05, 2016

Politically correct

Being 'politically correct' means not insulting women, people of a different colour, religion  or sexuality or physical or mental ability, or nationality.
Not being able to discuss differences in religion or gender sensibly without malice  is curbing free speech and understanding.
We don't need to discuss most of these differences, they are just differences. Those differences that we have a choice about, such as religion should be freely discussed...without hate or an intent to create hate.
There is no free speech when it comes to most of the 'politically correctness' and rightly so. For the same reason you can't call a woman the b word or the w word and you can't call a disabled person the s word or a gay person the q word we can't use the n word. It is not fucking rocket science!
In today's world we must stand taller against this shit, we are not cowed, we are not beaten, we will fight this shit forever.....you know why? Because we are right!

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

A rose is still a Brexit by any other name.

A rose is still a rose....It just occurred to me... Will the Tories pull off the biggest con in political history and leave Europe in only name? The referendum only asked if the UK should leave the UK, not about the details, so the negotiations may go along the lines of; ok we will leave but nothing will change, we retain a seat we agree to free movement, we will follow EU laws and have access to markets....but we will leave.  There is indeed a way out of this mess. #Brexit is only Brexit by name. Watch this space!

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Fight for the right to see your grandparents.

A parent who punishes their ex by refusing to let children see their grandparents will one day be resented by those children!

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

The future

It becomes more difficult every day not to become anti Muslim, yet this is the time that  European values have to remain strong and steadfast, immovable in our belief in the rights of others to practice their religion, our belief in diversity and multi culturalism. We have to believe that tarring a race, religion, sexuality or even gender with the same brush is harmful and against our values. If we begin a purge, or to punish whole religions and races for the crimes of the few, then we are truly losing the war, we are giving them what they want.
Yet, we do need to protect the innocent people from the violence that is growing. We have to ask some very tough questions about why France continues to be targeted and how it is being targeted. It is safe to assume that their intelligence agencies are not up to the job, at this time European security agencies need to come together, possibly even a Europe wide security agency. Yes, mosques must be closely monitored and Islamic schools strictly limited.
Yes, Western values, European values must be followed and insisted upon. No restrictions on dress, on food, Sharia Law must be stamped out if found in Europe, FGM must be stopped, and travel to radical countries possibly stopped completely, and of course and sadly the state must be allowed to electronically spy on its citizens, at least for those under any suspicion of radicalism or terrorism.
We all must lose some freedoms, as is the case during any war, we must win, we must keep our values. All of the above also applies to right wing nationalist groups, all hate speech, all radicalism must be fought. The difficulty is to not blame Muslims, the same as we don't blame Christians for attacks against abortion clinics or Christians for the policies of countries such as Venezuela that force the victims of rape to give birth. 
We have to accept a hardening of our attitude towards intolerance from all sides by being tolerant of all views...that do not impede upon our own laws and culture.
Europe is a beacon for the world, a beacon for democracy (it's not the USA!). When we reintroduce the death penalty, shoot innocent people because of the colour of their skin, racially profile sections of our nations and restrict the right to pray to whatever imaginary god they want, and forget that we are all innocent until proven guilty, and have vigilante governments(the Philippines), the list goes on. We must stand for our right to be a free, fair and just continent.

In Honduras, if a woman has a miscarriage she is investigated, in one US State they only outlawed marrying an 11 year old...this week!!!

Women in Northern Ireland still have to travel to the UK mainland for an abortion!

I hear;British Muslims must stand up to  these attacks;
They are powerless to control Isis from their nice houses in Birmingham as we cannot stop the fuckwits that patrol Cambodia, Laos, Thailand and Vietnam for little kids. We are hated in  countries(Asian ones especially) for our compatriots' behaviour. The Muslims in Birmingham are as far removed from Isis as we are to Gary Glitter of the youth that destroy whole areas of Spain. The whole of the US is not responsible for those that rape in Okinawa. It is up to governments to stop this shit, not Mr Patel at number 57.

We grew up with Muslims that would drink and eat bacon,as we were they not religious, like the Indonesians who by the way if we declare war on Islam will become so radicalised that we will have a never ever ending war. If we wage war against Islam, the war will move East and intensify. We must only wage war against Isis and other radicals with the emphasis that they are not really muslim. What Isis and Boko Haram do is against everything the Koran teaches and must be exposed for what it is....evil, pure evil.

You know I believe in a full ground war and occupation and if you had read what I sent earlier a restriction on mosques, Islamic schools and zero tolerance of Sharia Law.  Protect the innocent Muslims whilst weeding out the radicals. More must be done, but a war against Islam is not the answer and unworkable, would make Vietnam look like a garden party.