Friday, March 22, 2019

Revoke article 50

(My) way forward;
I can see a motion of no confidence in the government (May cannot be deposed by her own party) being held next week in parliament and if enough people have planned well they could approach the queen to accept an emergency government with all parties minus May or the ERG which will then ask for article 50 to be delayed for 2 years by the EU with the promise of another referendum. Alternatively revoke article 50, as the govt has not delivered the circumstances to leave, with a promise to reinstate it at a later date when everything has been truly prepared....maybe in 5 years or so,and then a general election where the parties can choose to  work on actually planning before reinstating article 50 or revoke it permanently or hold another referendum.

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Join the EU club

For example; If you earn £55k per year you pay £105 per year to the EU. Think of that payment as a stall at a car boot sale. Ifpay more tax as total earnings revenue of the you don't pay it then your actual earnings will go down,as you will need to either nation will go down due to less profits from sales because of increased tariffs and trade barriers with the nation's biggest trading partners and tougher competition from large trading partners outside the EU who demand certain privileges willy nilly as they see fit. Or if your job happened to be in finance or god forbid car manufacturing then you will lose your wage completely,this is not project Fear it is reality,the car manufacturers have already announced their plans.
Use this simple tool to find out how much you personally pay to stay in the club and keep your job and pay less tax as a whole. By the way a major part of that £104 comes straight back into the UK and funds infrastructure projects and helps poorer areas in the UK. 
It is no use having a car boot sale in a field by yourself, nobody will come,if they do, they will rob you.

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Brexit Crossroads

To be clear; Jeremy Corbyn is as useless, incompetent and dishonest as Theresa May.
A general election at this time is useless as both parties are completely split. They have to sort this issue out first, MPs will vote against a no deal exit today by a huge majority and then it becomes interesting. They will vote on Thursday on delaying Article 50, but this delay will come with a price. As Parliament has twice voted against a deal and will have voted against a no deal only two options remain. 1. Cancel Brexit completely or the preferable 2. Another national vote with 2 choices on the ballot to either accept the deal that has been negotiated and leave the EU or remain and cancel Brexit.
Only after this has all happened will the time for a general election be right.
#Brexit #Peoplesvote

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Grandchildren need Grandparents

Grandparents should have (legal) access to their grandchildren and grandchildren should have access to their grandparents. There is no other bond that is so special,so unique than that of this bond,it is a link between the generations, that parents sometimes can't give. The lessons children learn,the absolute love they receive is one of those things that is inexplicable and beautiful in life. Too often it is denied which is a crime.

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Complicit in destruction.

The ultimate smoke and mirrors robbery has already been committed on the British nation. Instead of legislating against off shore companies and tax avoiders, which would worth hundreds of billions and getting back the billions spent on saving the banks, the last decade has been spent blaming the unemployed and the disabled and then immigrants and then the EU. The amount spent on the unemployed is tiny compared to the tax revenue lost through what are simply criminal corporation and off shore residents tax loopholes. Immigrants pay a lot more in tax than they claim in benefits,every fucking official statistic make that a fact. Trading in a free trade area with our neighbours and having the clout of 27 countries in international affairs is priceless, especially when we are a leading member and those European laws; we can veto every single one of them,most of them were drafted and put forward by us. Democracy,we vote for our MEPs the same way as we do our MPs.
The EU is cracking down on Google,Facebook,Starbucks, McDonald's and all the other non tax paying fucking leeching corporations. This is not a coincidence. Powerful companies have paid the media to support Brexit,the leading figures stand to make millions from our exit. The rats are already leaving...Rees Mogg's business interests have moved to Dublin, Farage has secured German passports for his kids who also speak German(he once publicly complained about hearing too many foreign voices on trains) Dyson has fucked off. The ERG running the Brexiteer MPs is funded by nobody knows who and illegal Russian money has already been discovered funding leaver groups....driving a wedge through Europe is exactly what Putin has always wanted and the chaos that will ensue will take the heat off him.
10 years of austerity has decimated the UK,austerity was caused by the banks not the people,turning the people against each other has served the owners of the right wing media and kept their own business interests safe. With the advent of social media the opportunity arose to really control what people believed and with concerted support of the right wing and almost no laws to regulate the spread of fascist lies the rich just sat back and watched our country destroy itself.
The banks that destroyed our country remain intact and their shareholders keep collecting their money. The corporations keep on earning billions whilst paying only a few million in tax.
The wealth of a whole nation has been shifted from the people to the rich at an unprecedented rate,never before seen in modern history. Again,this is not an opinion it is a recorded fact.
Our nation is at a crossroads,it can continue to swallow the lies it has been fed,and ignore the fact that those telling the lies have never and can still not provide a shred of evidence about their claims. Every lie they told has been disproved. That truth is becoming more and more apparent every day.People throughout history have closed their eyes to the truth but the time has to come,the penny must drop at some point,that we must look around at those who sprout the lies,those that support the lies, their actions,and the evidence in front of our faces and ask ...
"Are we the bad guys?"
Those that choose to ignore the truth are complicit and are just as responsible as those who commit the crimes.
That is one thing history has taught us. Ignore it at the risk  of our nation.

Tuesday, December 04, 2018

People's Vote

The People have already voted! Have they fuck! No one knew the exact terms of what Leave would mean,and only the government found out last week. The vote was financed by foreign money with outright lies. The vote was also non binding. The vote was also 2 and a half years ago,a lot has changed since then.
Now the truth is out there,now the truth is apparent,now we know the details,the logical, democratic step would be to vote again. We voted in a general election twice over the last 3 years,that was an important decision,why is a tainted referendum not deemed just as important?
We must have a People's Vote,after the facts are now clear. That is democracy.

Thursday, October 04, 2018

Nero fiddles

When Britain needs a leader at this time who exudes confidence, gravitas and strength we have one who fucking dances around like a fucking idiot happy about a Telletubbies movie! With companies pushing each other to get out,jobs being lost,the longest recession since the 1930s(even including the war),the Union itself being threatened, and a future as certain as my chances of staying sober this weekend, the people needed reassuring,not distracted and holding their heads in their hands! I don't remember seeing Churchill,Atlee,Thatcher or even Blair dancing around like fucking morons. Britain needs a real revolution to stop this madness.
All empires fall, Babylonians, Greeks, Egyptians,Romans and our power fell very recently. Yet,we can control how we fall, and for the last 50 years the previous governments although I have hated many of them,have ensured that the UK punched above its weight,and a major part of that was joining a much bigger union, and being a major player within that union, shaping that union with our partners, we are already beginning to see that power slipping away. China today have asked for an official apology for a Chinese journalist who assaulted someone,yes you read that right,how fucked up is that? That wouldn't have happened if China didn't think it now has the UK by its balls. We will fall as Rome fell due to Nero fiddling as Rome burnt.
Our leader dances as we burn. Shame!