Sunday, July 01, 2018

The superiority of the English(?)

The superiority of the English.

Football is a good place to start. We haven't won a major trophy for over 50 years,but we feel we are entitled to one,that it is our right. Spain,Germany,Italy and France have all won recently,Greece at The Euros..

Business, Germany has consistently out performed us forever.

When we travel throughout Europe we realise their streets are not violent and they can walk freely in the centre of their towns at night. We see the family unit together there,we see their trains working,their education working,buses are cheap,people are nice. Except Paris.

Now we have seen Russia is also a lot nicer than we thought. We don't have the worst weather,Ireland has that, we certainly don't have the best, Greece has that. 

Our people have a sense of entitlement,they believe was earnt 70 years ago in wars where every other country also suffered,the common man doesn't start wars, governments do.

We are not entitled to win The Eurovision song contest because we had The Beatles and The Rolling Stones,we are not entitled to win the World Cup because we invented football.

Europe and the world are looking at England( that's where the leave vote came from,Wales can fuck off) as a sibling looks at a petulant,sulking brother or sister. 

I hope we win the world cup this month,but we must understand that in Europe's eyes and the world's we are in no way superior. A world cup and 2 world wars does not a great country make.

Thursday, April 26, 2018

There is no Commonwealth.

The British Prime Minister asked her department whilst in the Home Office to toughen the immigration process policy, to create fear, and she ordered the billboards and vans with the 'go home' messages. Then they began deporting people who had come here legally from Commonwealth countries just as they were due to collect their pensions from the 40 or 50 years they had worked and paid into the system. She oversaw the denial of NHS treatments for the same people including chemotherapy and other life saving treatments. All instigated by her. Her minnows denied in front of parliament that deportation quotas did not exist, those same minnows have now stated that they LIED to parliament. Instead of targeting illegal immigrants this government chose to focus on legal immigrants who were invited into Britain and worked and raised families and paid their taxes for half a century. I spit on Theresa May and those that support her,even I have to say that there are Tories that that are as outraged as the rest of us. She has shamed our country and tarred our country with a disgusting shade of shit. Racism, governmental racism. If you are not ashamed of our government then you are part of the problem. How can we get our country back? How can we make our country great again? Stand against this crap, together,Tory,Labour,Liberal, fight the fight against The Mail,The Sun and The Express. Keeping quiet has fed the right, who shout louder,keeping quiet has brought our country shame and reduced us to already becoming once again a laughing stock, 'the sick man of Europe'.
Say no to racism,say no to fascism,say no to this fucked up incompetent government.

Friday, April 13, 2018

If we don't face the past then we will never face the future.

I believe the BBC is right to air Enoch Powell's speech,to show how we are going backwards,to show how the very speech that was demonised for so many decades has now become the rhetoric of our newspapers and the right wing. How in the last few years we have become just like him, xenophobic and with delusions of grandeur. The speech repulsed so many back then that it became a model of how we should not be. He was proven wrong, and the UK would not have prospered without the influx of Commonwealth citizens who came and worked and helped to build modern Britain.
Play it again,let his words sink in, and then let's once again do the opposite.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Goodbye Professor

The world lost a great man today.

Wednesday, March 07, 2018

Immigration is good.

An exhaustive, comprehensive study was commissioned by the UK govt on the impact of immigration before and after Brexit. They appear to be reluctant to release the findings, here they are;

New analysis by the Centre for Economic Performance

A reduction in immigration from the European Union (EU) following a vote for Brexit would not lead to any improvement in living standards for those born in the UK. Cuts in EU immigration would not offset the big fall in UK living standards caused by the reduction in trade and investment that would result from Brexit. 

The researchers highlight the empirical evidence showing conclusively that EU immigration has not had significantly adverse effects on average employment, wages, inequality or public services at the local level for people born in the UK. Falls in average real wages of UK-born workers are more closely associated with the biggest economic crash for more than 80 years. 

Our new evidence shows that the areas of the UK with large increases in EU immigration did not suffer greater falls in the jobs and pay of UK-born workers. The big falls in wages after 2008 are due to the global financial crisis and a weak economic recovery, not to immigration. 

There is also little effect of EU immigration on inequality through reducing the pay and jobs of less skilled UK workers. Changes in wages and joblessness for less skilled UK-born workers show little correlation with changes in EU immigration. 

EU immigrants pay more in taxes than they use public services and therefore they help to reduce the budget deficit. Immigrants do not have a negative effect on local services such as education, health or social housing; nor do they have any effect on social instability as indicated by crime rates.

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

For my sons

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

End of Empire.

The British budget today is Nero  fiddling whilst Rome burns! The British Empire died 70 years ago, as it should have, as all empires hopefully have.We have taken years to deal with that, and as previous generations who fought in the world wars not for the empire but for peace and freedom have left us, the generations they left behind are intent on destroying our nation completely by insisting that we are still an empire, still Great. We are not Great, we are not special, there are many nations that have overtaken us, that have found their place in the modern world. Our chance at working together with our neighbours is slipping away, our chance to still hold our own in a a much bigger world. The idea that nations are lining up to make deals with us was always ridiculous, we are now a joke and the vultures are circling. This budget has laid clear how our obstinance and self importance will now run us into the ground, how Rule Brittania will make us a second rate and poor, pitiful nation. Those that pedalled the lies, those that promised what they knew to be untrue, those are the traitors, those should be tried for treason.
Those in great power must ensure that those below them remain in great unrest and upheaval and always believe that an 'enemy' has taken away an imaginary period of wealth and stability. Make the people believe that others are responsible , as long as those in great power continue to have great power.

Watch Nero fiddle, as you burn.

2017. The world we live in is a scary place, and if you believe that foreign powers have not embraced both technology, and social media to infiltrate the west then you are a fool,  just watch Trump and Farage and know that they succeeded, they have divided the US, they have divided the UK from Europe. They have in effect divided the Allies, NATO and the UN. When our children suffer through foreign aggression it will be our fault.