Tuesday, December 04, 2018

People's Vote

The People have already voted! Have they fuck! No one knew the exact terms of what Leave would mean,and only the government found out last week. The vote was financed by foreign money with outright lies. The vote was also non binding. The vote was also 2 and a half years ago,a lot has changed since then.
Now the truth is out there,now the truth is apparent,now we know the details,the logical, democratic step would be to vote again. We voted in a general election twice over the last 3 years,that was an important decision,why is a tainted referendum not deemed just as important?
We must have a People's Vote,after the facts are now clear. That is democracy.

Thursday, October 04, 2018

Nero fiddles

When Britain needs a leader at this time who exudes confidence, gravitas and strength we have one who fucking dances around like a fucking idiot happy about a Telletubbies movie! With companies pushing each other to get out,jobs being lost,the longest recession since the 1930s(even including the war),the Union itself being threatened, and a future as certain as my chances of staying sober this weekend, the people needed reassuring,not distracted and holding their heads in their hands! I don't remember seeing Churchill,Atlee,Thatcher or even Blair dancing around like fucking morons. Britain needs a real revolution to stop this madness.
All empires fall, Babylonians, Greeks, Egyptians,Romans and our power fell very recently. Yet,we can control how we fall, and for the last 50 years the previous governments although I have hated many of them,have ensured that the UK punched above its weight,and a major part of that was joining a much bigger union, and being a major player within that union, shaping that union with our partners, we are already beginning to see that power slipping away. China today have asked for an official apology for a Chinese journalist who assaulted someone,yes you read that right,how fucked up is that? That wouldn't have happened if China didn't think it now has the UK by its balls. We will fall as Rome fell due to Nero fiddling as Rome burnt.
Our leader dances as we burn. Shame!

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Duterte and Cambridge Analytica

Duterte is like a wife beating husband, he is violent but he is nice to his friends and brings home money. People don't understand why his wife complains as he is so funny and successful.

The company Cambridge Analytica is a famous company that was this year forced to close after they were found to have spread millions and millions of fake posts and comments on social media. They were paid by the Russians,by Duterte,by groups supporting Brexit and right wing American groups and many others This is not disputed,they were raided and their records and contacts and payment history released. Facebook is now desperately trying to find a way to stop this. The example used is now always Duterte and how social media was used to spread lies and intimidate opponents. Throughout the world universities are studying how this was achieved and allowed to happen. The people living in The Phillipines can see the truth of what is really happening,but it is those not living there that continue to spread the fake news that the government gives them. It is a remarkable phenomenon, and although Cambridge Analytica was forced to close everyone knows that they have been replaced. The same is now happening in Burma,where a Muslim genocide has been happening,but there is an army of trolls on the internet that continue to deny the truth....even when photos and clear evidence is produced. The idea being that if you keep telling a large group of your uneducated people that black is white and white is black they will eventually believe you.

So he didn't steal? Is that now a good thing? A thing to be praised? Modern governments do not steal for their own personal gain. The leader of Hong Kong is not very good but her honesty is never questioned and the fact that she doesn't steal is not held to be a good thing, if she did,she would just be a criminal. The same can be said of the British Prime Minister and even Trump. They never get elected with the slogan..... She/he is good because they don't steal.
And it is no use bringing up past leaders,if they stole then they must face the court and justice

Duterte is like a wife beating husband, he is violent but he is nice to his friends and brings home money. People don't understand why his wife complains as he is so funny and successful.

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

The real war

This is the biggest single most damaging event since World War 2. The economic damage it caused is still being felt severely today. In Britain it brought austerity and enabled the racists to gain power and through absolute lies trick our nation into becoming the laughing stock of the world. The deaths caused by austerity continue with medical services suffering and food banks feeding our children and the disabled dying through lack of money and shelter. The people who caused it continue to be protected and the corporations who benefitted continue to pay no taxes. Governments began wars against the terrorists of 9/11 and destroyed the countries they came from and began a blitzkrieg of a whole region and expressed surprise when millions of refugees poured out of the rubble and continue to do so. Yet, the criminals who caused the economic crash and the system that allowed it and continues to do so is left untouched and stronger than ever.
In years to come,in centuries to come, this event will be seen as a catalyst to misery and the instigator of a backwards step for humanity, the cause of Brexit,of Trump and the fake news wars.

Friday, August 03, 2018

Fight for your right...to hear the real news.


Surely this must be a battle cry for The Revolution? All media should pull out of the White House, refuse to interview those Republicans that don't condemn what is an attack  on the freedom of the press, which until last year was a freedom American's held dear. His tweets should be ignored by media,and apart from any direct policy decisions that have actually been put into effect he and his lackeys should be ignored. At the same time, newspapers,magazines,websites,T.V. and radio should have blank pages, blank airtime where they should have been able to report on the their government without fear. This is a very sad day for accountability of the executive and the media's ability to do their job.
Has he turned the U.S. into Turkey,or Thailand or Egypt or China or Singapore or The Philippines, and the other nations where journalists are killed,jailed,attacked and vilified for telling the truth?

Thursday, August 02, 2018

The Meek

Most of the happiest and richest countries in the world have mixed market economies. They educate their citizens for free and encourage and give them that free education whilst ensuring they have good healthcare. They encourage their people to work to innovate,to strive for more. Their weak and disadvantaged are brought into society rather than punished. The Welfare of all is important and seen as necessary and noble. Housing is available to all.
In these same countries unemployment is low,crime is low,and education is excellent. They compete commercially alongside the elite,they out-perform bigger richer nations in productivity and quality of life.
It is not fucking rocket science.
Pure capitalism doesn't work,as communism doesn't work. 
In the 90s they talked about a '3rd Way' but that was part of the propoganda,as the 3rd way was already there,with most European nations,meanwhile we began charging our students and making the unemployed into a parish. 
We (The U.K.) are heading towards the American model of capitalism. Work or die,and fuck the consequences of crime and healthcare.
Sweden, Norway,Denmark,Finland,Switzerland,even Germany and France will inherit the Earth.

The Last Days

Throughout history many great conquering civilisations have fallen, The Egyptians,Greeks,Romans,Mongols,Vikings,Danes,Normans, Portuguese,Spanish,Dutch,Moors,French,Ottamans,Russians,Prussians,Germans,British and Americans. History has taught us that all have fallen eventually. Why can't the British and American people realise that? 30 years ago it was obvious and we accepted it, as it was clear that, firstly we realised the error of our ways and more importantly that it was not practical.
We are left with the dregs today of those that still believe it is desirable and obtainable to get those empires back,we are leading others to do the same,the idea that nationalism is a good thing,that power is our aim,that leadership is our God given right.
All of these ideas have only resurfaced in the last decade,during the age of austerity,'The age of Austerity' caused by rampant capitalism.
The after effects of the banks destroying our economies with impunity led to the perfect conditions for the right wing to grow,as they did during the Weimar Republic of Germany after World War 1.
The Conservative government of the UK decided to pass on the cost of 'austerity' in 2010, not to the banks or the corporations or the rich,they decided to pass on the burden to the poor,to the working and even middle classes. This in turn meant libraries closing, cuts in health care,wage freezes,huge fucking huge cuts in the police force and military,in roads that never got fixed,in the deprivation of the disabled and the unemployed....the list goes on. Yet the banks got off scot free and the biggest propaganda machine ever mounted in (at least British) history began to blame the unemployed,the elderly,the disabled,those at the bottom.
It forgot (this propoganda machine),who caused the austerity.
Eventually the anger rose from the people,so the propoganda machine changed tact,it changed aim....to refugees,to illegal refugees and at this time millions were coming into Europe after we had spent 15 years bombing them and their neighbours and left no viable governments in place,only chaos,violence and hunger.
The irony is, is that we stopped those same refugees arriving,they were absorbed by our European neighbours....who hadn't bombed them for 15 years.
So the Propoganda machine shifted again,to the EU. When people are pissed off,hungry,no library to go to,no decent roads and you are told that the blame lies in basically anywhere then you will believe it
We are in an unprecedented age of propoganda, in what we now call 'fake news',
Statistics and absolute facts are dismissed....history is dismissed,and of course the banks and markets roll on unaffected.
The banks are to blame,but education is also to blame,and so is reality TV,soaps and the dumbing down of culture,and much more. In 300 years time this decade may become more infamous than the decades of the last century,this decade may well become as famous as The Fall of Rome and the step back into The Dark Ages. Let's hope not.

Lest we forget

Yes, Society today seem immune to suffering,be it the homeless, racist attacks, toddlers locked in cages,dead babies on beaches...the list goes on. People seem to think it is ok to say "Nothing to do with us" "They shouldn't have left their country" "Charity begins at home". This is not the world I grew up in,these are not my morals. 

If we lay down and allow these ideas,then we become complicit,complicit in the same way as many were forced into compliance in the last century,there is no difference. As developed countries,we are supposed to lead the way,to show humanity that violence,racism,fascism and corruption are not the way forward,that there is an alternative,we are failing,we are falling back to believing we are somehow superior,that our lives are worth more than the lives of those less fortunate.
The Geneva Convention in the World Wars was only applied to 'civilised'' countries, Britain wrote in a get out clause that said and this is almost verbatim "When fighting the 'uncivilised' there are no rules, the actions of the 'civilised' side will be according to necessity"
That feeling of superiority,in the first instance of your town,your football team,your county,your country,your race, persists today,in almost every country in the world but now again in Europe and the U.S.A. I see it in developing countries,it continues to devastate large swathes of the planet tribally.
In 1899 the European powers had a Peace conference where it was decided that the peace conference itself was useless as Europe was now too powerful and civilised to ever again embark on war,with the advancement of technology they believed that they were too intelligent for war.  Until 1914 the major powers of the world had enjoyed a long period of peace,and any significant war seemed beyond anyone's belief. 9 million soldiers(This war was still largely fought on the battlefield,so they were  soldiers) died in the 4 years that followed.
A mere 21 years later at least 50 million people died,soldiers and civilians.
We ignore the past at our peril,we ignore the past then we repeat it.

 The photos below are of my Great Great Uncle who gave his life 100 years ago this month to defend his country. My children's Great Great Great Uncle. Generally those that died were 'uncles' (They weren't at the time) as they never had children,they didn't get the chance,they gave their lives so your Grandaddy's granddad could have kids. 

Sunday, July 01, 2018

The superiority of the English(?)

The superiority of the English.

Football is a good place to start. We haven't won a major trophy for over 50 years,but we feel we are entitled to one,that it is our right. Spain,Germany,Italy and France have all won recently,Greece at The Euros..

Business, Germany has consistently out performed us forever.

When we travel throughout Europe we realise their streets are not violent and they can walk freely in the centre of their towns at night. We see the family unit together there,we see their trains working,their education working,buses are cheap,people are nice. Except Paris.

Now we have seen Russia is also a lot nicer than we thought. We don't have the worst weather,Ireland has that, we certainly don't have the best, Greece has that. 

Our people have a sense of entitlement,they believe was earnt 70 years ago in wars where every other country also suffered,the common man doesn't start wars, governments do.

We are not entitled to win The Eurovision song contest because we had The Beatles and The Rolling Stones,we are not entitled to win the World Cup because we invented football.

Europe and the world are looking at England( that's where the leave vote came from,Wales can fuck off) as a sibling looks at a petulant,sulking brother or sister. 

I hope we win the world cup this month,but we must understand that in Europe's eyes and the world's we are in no way superior. A world cup and 2 world wars does not a great country make.